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Gas Stainless Steel Tilting Kettle

The gas tilting kettle is designed for you to fry, boil, grill, simmer and braise big quantity of dishes without problems of handling extra utensils.
Elegant design.
Manual tilting by wheel.
Body and cover – Fully stainless steel constructed, hygienic and easy to clean. Cover with phenolic heat insulated handle.
Cast iron wok.
Cast iron mushroom burner.


Technical Specifications

Wok Capacity (litres) 180 180
Wok Dimension (Ø x depth) (mm) 880 x 360 880 x 360
Gas Consumption (BTU) 90,000/95.5 90,000/95.5
Machine Dimension (W x L x H) (mm) 880 x 1400 x 1120 880 x 1400 x 1120
Weight (kg) 150 160
Type Cast iron wok Stainless Steel Wok


Product Description


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